What People are Saying about Daddy

DAVE NAVARRO rock star, actor, television producer/host

I first learned about Madison during one of her live performances at her San Francisco gallery, Femina Potens. I was, of course, immediately drawn in by her intensity, sex appeal and willingness to break down some of the mysteries surrounding alternative lifestyles. In addition, her love for the arts and her drive to support other artists makes her a special and unique symbol within both the sex industry and the art community. Madison has the ability to blend these worlds while maintaining both eroticism and intellect. I have no doubt that this memoir will be the first volume in a long career of thought provoking and artistic endeavors.”

ANNIE SPRINKLE writer, porn star, performance artist, sex educator

Making love is an art, and Madison Young is the Picasso of porn. She is the hottest, coolest, most movin’ and shakin’ist sex performer of today—and very likely of the next half century. Madison Young’s performances are absolutely transcendental. She knows how to surrender to absolute ecstasy in just one breath. I’ve never seen a more erotically gifted pleasure artist. A truly enlightened slut! Madison Young is my porn art guru.

NINA HARTLEY sex educator, porn star, director

In my twenty-five years as both an entertainer and educator of adults, I’ve met very few women as compelling as Madison Young. I’ve worked with many attractive, artistic, creative, intelligent, ambitious, strong and driven women. I’ve rarely, however, experienced all of those traits in one person as I do in Ms. Young. I think her story would make very interesting reading and look forward to doing so.

DR. CAROL QUEEN author, editor, sexologist

Madison Young is one of indie porn and the sex-positive community’s brightest young stars. She puts her own body and eroticism on the line. And she documents her own sexual exploration and the interstices between sex and art so that even armchair erotic travelers can understand and vicariously experience these adventures.”

MICHELLE TEA author and editor

This lady has done more in the first quarter of her life than most people do in a generation. Madison Young is living a double life—running a DIY queer, feminist art space in San Francisco by day, and jetting off to Europe to get tied up, smacked up, and glamour-shot by night. Or, is she hosting trans-inclusive dirty spoken-word events by night, and being a world-famous bondage model by day? And, when does she find the time to shoot her own blue movies? ‘Cause she does.”

TRISTAN TAORMINO author, director, editor, sex educator

Madison Young is one of the most important feminist artists and pornographers working today. She’s brave, brilliant, and one of a kind!”


Madison Young’s pioneering performance work breaks boundaries. She is leading a new generation of “post-porn modernists” as she deconstructs traditional concepts of the erotic and refigures them as artistic and educational performances that delight, entertain, and enlighten. “

MIDORI writer, sex educator, BDSM educator

Madison Young: twinkly-eyed mischievous provocateur carrying on the flame that burns in the soul of San Francisco. Keep an eye on this sexy little devil!”

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