Madison Young @ Folsom St. Fair at the Center for Sex and Culture with Carol Queen


Madison Young signing copies of Daddy: the Memoir at the Center for Sex and Culture booth at the annual Folsom St. Fair event. We had a wonderful time and my topless marketing worked! Sold every copy of Daddy I had with me!

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Reading at Castro Books, Inc. – Radicals in the Bay

Erotic film director and sexual radical Madison Young reading from Daddy: the Memoir 

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Feminist Erotic filmmaker, writer, activist, and artist joined Dossie Easton + Janet Hardy (The Ethical Slut, Radical Ecstasy), Mike Miksche (Paris Demands), Olivia Summersweet (Contributor to the Big Book of Domination), and Avery Cassell for a Pre-Folsom St. Fair reading.

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The Press LOVES Daddy!

“I first met Madison Young when we performed together on the same bill at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. I was immediately struck by the wonderful mass of contradictions. Smart but humble. Cute but fierce. Physical but articulate. Frankly, everything you’d want in a porn star. I’ve been following her career ever since. I was so happy when she took her revolutionary ideas of sexuality and began directing, creating filmed sex that’s the next step in the evolution of erotic filmmaking.”David Henry Sterry, author, activist, performer, muckraker, book doctor at The Huffington Post

“Not many 33 year olds pen a memoir – not many 33 year olds are Madison Young. Daddy was on my list of summer reads and it didn’t disappoint. I found myself rooting for Madison…cheering her on as she funded her art gallery through sex work…tearing up as she suffered relationship difficulties…warming over at the birth of her daughter (Annie Sprinkle was with her in the delivery room)… Love this woman.” Carlin Ross entrepreneur, sex educator, and writer

Check out these recent write up from David Henry Sterry of The Huffington Post and Carlin Ross, Entrepreneur, Sex Educator, and one half of Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross!

David Henry Sterry & The Huffington Post LOVES Daddy

Carlin Ross LOVES Daddy



More Daddy Sightings!

Oh the places Daddy goes! We have two more Daddy sightings from Instagram: one from Books Inc. in SF and one from Powell’s Books in Portland.

Just a reminder: you can enter to win a private reading from Madison by uploading your picture of Daddy out in the world and tagging #OhThePlacesDaddyGoes!

Books Inc. in the Castro!

Books Inc. in the Castro

Powell's Books in Portland!

Powell’s Books in Portland



Mr. Thursday Loves Daddy!

“Young is keenly aware of the ideological tightrope she walks as a sub, participating in a world of gender-role extremes; as a pornstar, participating in a moneyed world of glamor and objectification; and finally, as a feminist, working in discrete communities of like-minded allies to expand the sexual agency of the disenfranchised. Her unbridled subjective nudity here should not be diminished as simply “brave.” Daddy is a take-no-prisoners assault on fantasy, both the patriarchal fantasy of the nuclear family and any ideologically prescriptive fantasy, including the feminist variety, of what female subjectivity “should be.” – Mr Thursday on Daddy

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Tits and Sass Reads Daddy!

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“Madison Young’s memoir Daddy tackles head-on the daddy issues sex workers are always accused of having. Young skillfully and responsibly presents her journey from a little girl who misses her daddy to an accomplished gallery owner, feminist erotic film producer, author, and “sex positive Tasmanian devil.” She begins by tackling the issue of consent: yours. “I cannot hear the consenting ‘yes’ seep from your lips,” she writes, “but by the simple turn of this page you will be physically consenting to this journey, this scene, between you and I.”” – Ecowhore for Tits and Sass

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