Madison reads at Sitwell’s in Cincinnati!




8:00pm (Reading)

8:30pm (Q&A with the Author and Book signing)

Sitwell’s Coffee

324 Ludlow Ave

Cincinnati, Ohio

Close your eyes.  Now picture yourself  sitting amongst a cafe bustling with a thick palpable energy of artistry, eagerly awaiting author and feminist porn icon, Madison Young to step up onto the small stage, with her recently released memoir, “Daddy” clutched firmly in her hands.  As this San Franciscan kinkster and radical performance artist reads to you with passion and intimacy you feel as if you are simultaneously the only one in the room and a part of something bigger than yourself,  as she opens her lips and shares her stories of heroism, heart break, and struggles in the fight for sexual freedom and the visceral journey of sexual discovery through the lens of a feminist submissive who grew up in Ohio.

Your hands are sweaty and your heart is palpitating like wild stallions as you raise your hand to ask a question, to be a part of the conversation.  You extend a copy of “Daddy” and ask for Madison to sign it, her rouged lips meet the pages under her inky scribble, a gester of her unbridled amorous nature, that will accompany you through your own private reading of the book.

Madison Young is delighted to read from her intimate and critically acclaimed feminist erotic literary sensation –  Daddy: A Memoir – which was called “The Real Life 50 Shades of Grey” by the SF Weekly and ..Powerful, erotic prose.” by Academy Award winner Diablo Cody while Actress Margaret Cho says of Young “…an incredible and singular force in the world of art….her individualism, innovation, insight and innate intelligence …is downright inspirational.” .

Madison will be appearing in Cincinnati, Ohio at Sitwell’s Coffee to read in person from Daddy: A Memoir on December 18th at 8pm at Sitwell’s Coffee.

Madison’s real life literary narrative ushers the reader into a world of a young girl from Ohio who leaves the heartland for California in search of a sense of belonging.  Swan dive down this wild rabbit hole as author Madison Young pairs a sense of both strength and vulnerability into her literary journey of carnal sex, desire,  and BDSM with fierce feminist ideology in this courageous account of a young woman coming of age and finding home.

Madison Young, author and radical feminist performance artist and director, spoke of her excitement  about the reading stating “I’m so thrilled to be reading at Sitwell’s. Many of my early writing as a teenager took place over a cup of coffee right here.  It feels really powerful and exciting to be returning to my home town with my story and connecting with a new generation of artists in the Cincinnati area.”.

The reading will be followed by a to not be missed Q&A and book signing with Madison Young.

December 18th 2014 


Madison Young is a revolutionary feminist artist, activist, filmmaker, wordsmith, and curator. Young’s breadth of work in the realm of sexuality spans from documenting our sexual culture in 40 feature length feminist pornographic films that have won numerous accolades including 6 feminist porn awards, numerous XBiz and AVN nominations and have been screened Internationally. Young speaks on the topics of feminist pornography, feminism & sexuality, and kink at universities including  Yale University, Harvard University, Hampshire College, Northwestern University, and UC Berkeley. Her writings have been published in the Feminist Porn Studies Academic Journal as well as her recently released memoir, “Daddy”.


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